Take this one day dare…don’t compare

You will be amazed to see how you feel is you go through just one day without comparing.  First, look at how many times it shows up, in your silent thoughts:

  • First morning glance in the mirror:  “Whoa, I might has gained a pound from yesterday”
  • Did I say or do anything stupid yesterday
  • Is that a new wrinkle?
  • Going to sales meeting, “She sold more than me!”
  • I hope when I speak, they can see how smart I am.
  • I don’t understand, but I’m not going to ask…don’t want to seem unaware.
  • I want to sing along, but they’ll laugh.
  • She is the most beautiful girl in the room.

All of these, and you can fill in many more, are a form of comparing for self-worth.  It is a form of not being your self, because it is based in “not good enough”.  And how do you conclude your are not good enough, you compare on the outside.  What if instead of saying, most beautiful girl, you deleted “most” and just said, what a beautiful girl. No one would be negated, especially you, and no comparing.  Remember there is no comparison in spirit, there isn’t even language, and  room for everyone to be great.  Comparing is for making informed decisions, not for deciding your self worth.  Try it today, it is liberating.