Silent Parenting Workshop – November 2014

Join me November 15th in Anacortes, Washington for a Silent Parenting Workshop.


Silent Parenting Series: Identifying Unique Skills Workshop

In this Silent Parenting class you will identify your unique skills and passions so you can teach your child to do the same. No matter what challenges your child faces, they are born with a unique core to get them through, and as parents we are here to
help them develop that. However, can you identify your unique core for yourself? They learn by or role modeling, not by what we preach. Let’s show them how. On Saturday, you will:

1. Receive and work with Joyce’s new book, Tellaga & Conred
2. Remove what blocks you from using your talents and skills.
3. Identify your unique skills.
4. How to use them in all you do.
5. Identify unique skills in your loved ones.

Whether a parent or not, you are invited to embrace your unique life and interests for a strong sense of self and purpose. Whether your child is young or older, it’s never too late to help them embrace who they are.

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Diana: “Live the present and let things go their way, not comparing my child to other, to my expectations. I liked the content and format. Listening to others stories was very helpful, having others perspectives and sharing the pain helped with healing and acceptance.”