First Say “yes”, then figure it out…Yikes I’ve done it this time!

gorillaA wise person once told me, “Always say ‘yes’ to a challenging request, and figure it out later.” I have followed that advice through the years and it has proved 3 things:

  • It has never been boring…
  • Humor and Synchronicity helps you along…
  • and, Confidence grows a wee bit more.

Never boring:

My most recent challenging task happened 2 weeks ago. I got an email concerning the annual fundraiser for the Medieval Women’s Choir in which I am a happy soprano. Already volunteering to help decorate for this event, I had little suspicion what else this would lead to.

It reads something like this. “Joyce, we’re in a little bit of a pickle here. Could you be the Mistress of Ceremonies and be the auctioneer. “ To which habit jumps up and says, “Yes”; then I immediately sink into ‘boy I’ve done it this time!’

YouTube as teacher: If you want an entertaining couple of hours, watch videos on how to be an auctioneer. I say this with respect, but there is no need for any formal education or correct English. Score! My confidence is building. However, you do need basic math skills and be willing to sing them in chant form to a large audience.

Since my choir is fond of chants, I figure I’m meant for this. So, I come up with my own chant and practice, practice, practice throughout my daily chores. At dinner, “Item #1, a gooey cheesy melted lasagna, Opening Bid $20…20, 20, can you give me 20!” To which my sweet exasperated husband rolls his eyes thinking “you’ve said ‘Yes’ again, haven’t you?”

Synchronicity steps in:

The original volunteer that had run our auction 2 years prior could not attend this year unbeknownst to us (and a little poor planning.) Prior to me being asked to auctioneer, I had offered to research auctioneering tips to help speed up the auctioneering process, as the year before ran too long. I was already researching, the increments of moving the dollar amount along, putting the items on a bell curve, how to do a “Raise the Paddle” adding much guilt, etc. I was mentally, already understanding what goes on with an auctioneer before being asked.

I was already prepared with chanting from singing in the choir and the tongue flowed easily. Turns out too easily, as numbers rolled off my tongue faster than my brain could keep up. This is why you have your ‘spotters’ in the audience to help. My mouth was way to ready.

Plus, for some unknown reason, and miraculously, I had an unscheduled whole week before the event. Not one appointment. The opportunity was already set up for the way my brain learns best; to focus on one thing, and one thing only…no multi-tasking, no interruptions.

Also, that whole week performers from my favorite Sirius Broadway station were talking about “stepping up to the plate”, describing the failures they faced, but kept on going. Day after day, from Kristin Chenoweth to Betty Buckley, stories about focusing on ‘what you do for love’, and the humor their failed auditions provided. For my love of the Medieval Women’s Choir, I had my own cheerleaders and would look for the humor in my endeavor. There was plenty.

My life of synchronicity had already been set for my saying yes. If you don’t say yes, you’ll miss out on what has already been set up for you.

Confidence. What can I say, at 62 all the little confidence wins along the way from saying ‘yes’ adds up to “what the hell, let’s have some fun.”

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Joyce Anderson, Conversations with YourSelf, Intuition Educator