Privacy? Can you be okay with everything you’ve done?


(Photo by Stuart Miles)                After watching the movies CitizenFour and The Fifth Estate (about whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Julian ID-10067190Assange) and how nothing can be private anymore, I got to thinking. How can I live with that? First and foremost, no matter what your opinion is of these men, we need the check and balances, knowledge, and information that courageous whistleblowers have discovered that most of don’t have the talent or time for.

How do I live in a world where anything can be exposed? It is one of the biggest tests facing human ethics. One thing we can do individually is to come clean with our past. The hurts and mistakes, the ones we did and were done to us, to go to the learning. How do we do that? Here’s one way.

  • Know that mistakes are common, no one does not have them. From sexual misconduct to lies to cheating to theft. We all somehow have tasted the ‘dark side’.
  • Stop judging.
  • Go to that ‘dark’ incident that you might have as a permanent passenger in your psyche. Allow it out and feel it. Then go to the wise What can I learn from that so I can let it go?
  • For me shame likes to get in the way from an incident when I was only 6. Shame is a signal that you are at fault, and not worthy. That’s the learning you must go to. Shame is a solid wall and fortress to hide the truth of your true potential. We all have potential that gets blocked. We unblock it with forgiveness.
  • Hard to Forgive? Forgive is not to condone what was done. To me it means: “FOR the act of GIVEing me freedom to move on. I don’t have to live in that incident my whole life and be stuck.

The information world is in its infancy. Humanity is in its infancy as to how to handle this; from very badly to tremendous connections and incredible ideas being shared and created all going on at once. Can we take leadership of this for the positive? Learning always comes form mistakes. Mistakes create great challenges which humanity can rise to.

One thing we can do individually, is to be at peace with what we’ve done. In the movie CitizenFour, Edward Snowden (and I’m paraphrasing) knows his life is possibly doomed or will be in prison when he leaks information about the abuse of privacy done by countries and corporations. Yet he has nothing to hide, so what can they expose? Therein lies the power.

That was a powerful message to me. Be at peace with your life, come clean at least with yourself. And perhaps, if by some small chance your privacy gets manipulated, you can at least be free from shame, stand tall and be stronger than any false words.


By Joyce Anderson, Conversations with YourSelf, Intuition Educator and Author of, Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled.