But I Hate Goals! – Try this.

worriedwomanBeing a career ‘newbie’ in the 70’s and 80’s, it was the culture to set goals and declare them out loud to all you met.   If not, people would shake their heads…”too bad” and worry you were “not ambitious”. Every sales meeting, job interview and job performance review I was a part of, used the Goal as the standard to see if you were worthy of corporate’s attention to move you up the ladder and/or deserve more money.  P.S. Heaven forbid you reached your goal, it must not have been high enough.

Why goals don’t work for me?

  • Not flexible. “Oh…I’d rather do that.” I missed opportunities that were going on that were better and a more interesting fit for my passion and talent.
  • Life is not linear. People and new events are drawn to what you are experiencing and learning daily, not at the end of your goal.  I missed out on synchronicity that involved other great people and ideas that I could have been a part of that I had not idea of.
  • Your growth and wisdom might outgrow your static goal.
  • Not fun! Frickin’ worry too much about that goal.
  • It made my stomach turn. A sure sign your intuitive best self is not on board.

Instead, I believe in the use of INTENTIONS, not goals. Intentions give you outcomes that usually are greater that you can imagine, because it involves your gift and the synchronicities of others. Once I learned what made me thrive, that was the Geiger counter used in all my work.

“May I use my gift today.” This stirs up my excitement for the day in order to magnetize opportunities to use it. My gift is to see the unique gifts in others. I use it through my writing, workshops, or even meeting someone in the grocery store.” I play with it everyday and every week something always comes of it. I encourage you to do the same. Take time to learn your gift so you can use it on purpose!  When you offer your unique gift, you are hard to be replaced.

Intuition is the GPS for use of your unique gift. Intuition gives you the how-to for using your highest gift. Yo can also learn how in my new how-to fable, Goodbye Self Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled.

If you are in a culture that makes you have a goal, you can choose to play along, and put the power in your wisdom and unique gift, and watch the unexpected results roll in.