Self-Thrilled? How?

(Image by Sattva)ID-10088546  Self-Thrilled. I thought of this term when I felt a thrill in my body and realized this was our natural state. Open, alert, curious and happy for what might come next. Not the tight, hunched shoulders which my friend calls the “should’ers” and dreading what might come next. Yuck!

What was I doing that made me feel self-thrilled? Was it something that peoople would consider spectacular or extraordinary? No, no one else would think that, but I did, for me. That’s the first point. Nobody’s business but yours.

Second, and this is the point I drum home in my work and book ‘Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled’, never compare for self-worth, only for information to make a good choice for you unique life.  Plus I was not in any past or future story or worry, but in the present.

So with comparing out of the scene and agreeing that what makes you self-thrilled is only your business, it is easier to discover what makes you self-thrilled. Here is what I know about being self-thrilled.

There are three points that all beings thrive on:

  • Creativity. By our very nature, we create. From daily skin cell renewal, to our daily choices, and creating our environment. But when we create on purpose with our unique divine gifts and talent, we look forward to waking up everyday.   These unique talents are used no matter what you job is. Identifying them is the first step to make more use of them.
  • Connecting. By our very nature we thrive to connect. We have voice, ears, arms and hands to do so. Whether an introvert, extrovert or combination, we are meant and want to share. The Internet has increased the sharing for the mind, but had decreased the sharing for personal touch, voice and eye connections, which is the very tools, our heart uses to connect. We need to relate.
  • Passion. There are things we uniquely love to do, our major interests. It’s the people we love to be with, things we want to learn and share. A passion we love to focus on with our unique life. It is the fire in our belly that catapults us to add to our endless capacities.

When we ignore any one of these for any length of time, we become dull and unexcited about the next day. And we live in what we “should” do. When we connect with what we love to do, we create for the better of all. This is being self-thrilled, doing what we want, from a little bit to a lot. Even when our life hurts and challenges show up, these three basic needs are what we end up employing to move on for greater learning and sharing.

How does this look? In my work I help people identify their unique divine skills and talents. They are shocked when they realize they don’t have to be great artists, entrepreneurs, or physicians. Even all those careers are just the vehicle for their unique divine gifts. Remember, no comparing allowed, that’s the first thing to shut down your passion. Ask yourself since day one what you have always loved to do that is so natural to you, it doesn’t seem special.

I share with you mine so you can get an insight into yours. My divine gift is that “I mine and polish diamonds.” Ever since I was little, my intuition was strong (by the way, this is true for all of you and where you should go back to in order to look for yours) and I was fascinated with people’s unique skills. As I got older most people couldn’t see it in themselves. I could uncover their muddy ideas of themselves where they could then see their unique diamond.

Plus I love, love, love to decorate, from my clothes to my house to my office and love to organize a well run, yes dare I say it, domestic home. Plus I love to dance and sing. But in all the ways I create, beneath it all is my divine gift for seeing the diamond in all situations. I can create with that everyday no matter what comes my way. And when you are aware of your gifts, things come your way that need them and you’re thrilled to be of use. Self-thrilled.