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Joyce Anderson

Joyce Anderson is an Intuition Educator, experienced public speaker, author, radio show host and dynamic workshop presenter.

Years ago, having worked in corporate America in her 20’s and 30’s, owned a Jazzercise franchise in North Carolina while raising a family, Joyce was haunted by an unfulfilled part stirring inside. By talking with others it was apparent that sensation also haunted many…if not all of us. Her explorations taught her that much of the void was not in what we didn’t have, but that we were not making use of what we do have…our inner resource known as intuition that helps us guide and use our unique talent.

In 2001 she started her business, Conversations with YourSelf. She has worked with corporations, universities, spiritual centers, and individuals to realize the importance of using intuition to use unique skills to increase creative ideas.

She is a published author of articles on intuition in business, and the modern-day fable, Goodbye-Self Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled with Tellaga and Conred, Book 1 of the Self-Thrilled Series. Her experience and gift of articulation led her to creating a successful international radio show, Conversations with YourSelf on

Her latest teachings come from her experience in raising a brilliant child with learning disabilities who taught her the necessity of recognizing, encouraging and using your unique talent. No matter what challenges you have, Joyce learned how you transform your self-criticism to being self-thrilled by liking and using your unique ‘thumbprint’ and engaging with your intuitive wisdom.

Her latest work is Silent Parenting©. Silent Parenting© begins with your silent beliefs and worries that you carry in your heart for your child, before the words even come out of your mouth. This affects their self-confidence. Children are like sponges and pick up this silent worry. Silent Parenting© starts with role modeling. Parents and teachers identify their own unique talent and passions so they can teach the child to do the same. Worried beliefs change to optimistic beliefs for your child. Children learn by what we do and what we believe, not what we preach. If you role model what you want them to be, your words and teaching become effective, as does their self-confidence.

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