Conversations With Yourself with Joyce Anderson Conversations With Yourself with Joyce Anderson
Joyce M Anderson, Practical Intuition Training, Spiritual Coaching, & Radio Host
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Basic Tips for Intuition

Intuition is the communication with your unlimited higher intelligence and your working personality…your personal GPS. If listened to and followed, you will find where you and your talent are best matched up in this world…good for you, good for all. Going IN TU IT for your direction. It’s the only place that really knows what you can offer and what you love.

How do you activate it? First identify how it speaks to you, trust it, and then ACT on it! Joyce teaches you how to unleash your intuition with simple exercises, story and practical information to be a more effective You throughout your day.

Whether experiencing her intuition training through her radio show, presentations, workshops, articles and/or reading her book, Tellaga and Conred, you will find it hard to ignore your intuition and talent again!