Conversations With Yourself with Joyce Anderson Conversations With Yourself with Joyce Anderson
Joyce M Anderson, Practical Intuition Training, Spiritual Coaching, & Radio Host
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Renayes“Tellaga and Conred shines the light on the danger of comparison and its destructive impact on self-esteem. Take time to read this creative fable, its inspiring message could change your life.”

Renaye Thornborrow author of the “Adventures in Wisdom™”

“Anderson not only writes well, she clearly understands that unclaimed unconscious material can be both subtle and clever; and if embraced, can be understood and loved. Each of the inner characters is presented with humor, sharp observation and compassion. As Tellaga says, ‘Once people can hear their drama from the distance of a story… they feel empowered and as interesting as a good movie.’”

“Joyce, I especially like the bridging you are able to do, inviting people who might not typically trust (or understand) intuition to push at known edges and at the same time not intimidating them. Like standing in the water saying with a smile, ‘come on in, the water is fine; you can swim!'”

Gloria Karpinski, Spiritual Director, Guest on Conversations with Yourself. Teacher and author of “Barefoot on Holy Ground and Where Two Worlds Touch”

Nora P“As an analytical thinker, I immediately tried to categorize and make sense of the first sentences as I read them. But the words didn’t let me do that right away, instead I was drawn into the simplicity of the story of Agatha, right from the day she was born. I found myself in a world of swirling colors and vivid images, thoughts and emotions, and started identifying with aspects of Agatha’s life. Her relationship with Conred and Tellaga, comparisons she had made between herself and others that stifled her own uniqueness, limiting beliefs that had no basis in who she really was. By the end this book spoke so much into my own life, and gave such an illustrative metaphor for taking back our own talent and being free to give it to the rest of the world – that I would recommend it to all of us who have inner talents and dreams waiting to be rescued!”

Nora Pena Klenner, Seattle, WA

Alan Seale“Joyce Anderson weaves a heart-warming and delightful story. Through each marvelous archetypal character, we touch and remember another part of our own story. Tellaga and Conred open the door for reclaiming our lost, innocent brilliance.

“Her presence is powerful and clear, inspiring and empowering. Invite Joyce into your life, whether as a speaker or intuition coach. New worlds are about to open up for you!”

Alan Seale, author of “Intuitive Living, The Manifestation Wheel and The Power of Your Presence”, Founder & Director, Center for Transformational Presence.

Coaching Testimonial“Once I worked with Joyce and developed my talent statement, I could see how it fit in all parts of my life and was what I do naturally. I feel unique and better understand my significance in the world!”

Jan Englehart

“With her highly developed intuitive gifts, her generous heart, and her supportive and energizing presence, Joyce Anderson can truly work miracles. She not only knows how to access Spirit and connect to the greater consciousness, but she also understands how the physical world works and what we must do to ‘walk our talk’ within it. She is a compassionate teacher and a delightful guide on the path to a better and deeper understanding of who you really are.”

Johnathon Pape,Write

Last night I attended your workshop…This morning I had a single voicemail. The fun thing is the person wanting to talk to me could open doors/offer insight for me related to the decision I focused on last night. Needless to say – we’re meeting later today to talk more. There are other “signs” as well. The universe is rolling out a red carpet for me.

Kelly……, Greensboro, NC

“Joyce, I greatly appreciate you for taking the time to share your passion with our students. I want them to be exposed to areas that would expand their knowledge base beyond the classroom. Your lecture provided them with information which they would not have gotten at the university. You planted a seed in their young minds that – if properly embraced – will facilitate as they pioneer their new career.”

Ray J. Davis, Ph.D., Assoc., Dean for Undergraduate Programs, School of Technology, North Carolina A&T University