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2016 Bronze Medal Winner – Self Help Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellenceaward-winning self help book

Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled!

Stop that self-critical chatter and find that unique part of you that is thrilled to be here doing what you are meant to do. Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled! with Tellaga and Conred weaves a charming modern-day fable of new archetypal characters in real-life situations that help you discover your unique talent while slowly dissolving self-criticism.

Agatha, the young protagonist, enters this world radiating with delight in her exuberant unique self. Then it all changes. Through Agatha’s story, she wants to heal her damaged spirit from a learning disability, hurt, obesity, and the challenges of her marriage and motherhood. Tellaga shows her how.

These new archetypal characters are presented with humor, sharp observation and compassion using real-life situations to help you discover your unique talent and slowly dissolve self-criticism. Marvelous otherworldly characters are presented with humor, sharp observation and compassion to get the job done. Ten illustrated archetypal characters represent the struggles between life’s two opposing forces and become her greatest teachers…and they can teach you.

Some new archetypes you will meet are:

Conred: The King of Comparison
Conred’s Soldiers: Better/Than Less/Than
Coates: Talent Hider
Syd: Identity Sabotager
Tellaga: The Answer

These characters represent those conversations in our head that criticize our unique self, dull us, and stop us from doing what we are designed to do; and one who can help reverse it all and show us how to become self-thrilled.

Joyce Anderson

Here’s an interesting and fun interview with Joyce talking about her book.

Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled! with Tellaga and Conred

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A Great Teaching Guide

Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled with Tellaga and Conred offers tools to help you stop self-comparing and self-criticizing, realize your unique talent, and then step into self-thrilled action. Also…this is a great teaching tool for older students to learn how to quit comparing for self-worth and in turn gain self-confidence and understanding of others! These new archetypal characters make it interesting for students to read and relate to while providing a safe distance for effective discussions. A Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled Study Guide is included to help you reclaim your lost brilliance and talent by recognizing and engaging with these characters in your life.

Ideal Book Club Selection

A Reading Group Discussions section is included to expand your learning with others and discuss your unique talent. Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled with Tellaga and Conred is meant to be read over and over again when challenges crop up to remind you of your resourcefulness, unique talent and being self-thrilled.

For years Joyce Anderson, Intuition Educator, has taught the use of inner wisdom to help people discover, guide, share and thrive with their unique talent(s). Recognizing the love of her talent for story, she offers this transformational story for you to say goodbye to self-critical and hello to self-thrilled. This is the first of a trilogy of her Self-Thrilled Series.

The talented Illustrator, Liz Gill Neilson, who received her degree from Columbia University in visual arts, interpreted these characters exactly how they came through Anderson’s imagination. A true sign intuition was connecting the two and that we are never great alone.


A modern-day fairy tale––cum-allegory of self-actualization, healing and empowerment.

The hero’s journey: that time-honored device for teaching truths about human development and existence. Anderson puts a feminine twist on this model in her debut novel, named for the two opposing, ultimately reconciling forces in the life of Agatha, the young protagonist. She enters this world, as do all children in Anderson’s vision, radiating brilliant colors and delighting in her exuberant, unique gifts. She is an irresistible target for Conred, an otherworldly being who feeds on colors and leaves in their stead a pair of soldiers charged with imprisoning Agatha in grayness that defines Conred’s existence. She goes from being boundlessly creative to being overweight and unhappily married—until Conred reappears. After he threatens her daughter, Zeal, Agatha meets Tellaga and learns the truth about both herself and Conred. With Tellaga’s help, Agatha rediscovers the beauty of her being, the power of her gifts and the fierce, transformative power of compassion. It’s an unabashed inspirational tale that enmeshes symbolic names and predictable plot twists with wildly inspired details, such as Zeal’s talent for arranging inanimate objects into fanciful figures and scenes. Anderson delivers her story with earnest clarity, simplicity and straightforwardness, and she includes a study guide for readers who wish to apply Agatha’s lessons to their own experiences. The hero starts out young, innocent and pure but encounters challenges as she battles to awaken her full potential. The tale is both an allegory for damaging a spirit, which so often occurs in childhood and beyond, as well as a methodology for neutralizing and overcoming the trauma.

A quick read and a reminder that the greatest prison—and its key—lies within.
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Goodbye Self-Critical, Hello Self-Thrilled!
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