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For 85 straight weeks, I had the pleasure to speak with compelling, world-changing guests on my radio show, Conversations with YourSelf. From famous to fascinating, local to an interview from London; the 23 shows selected below are a variety of topics to tease your curiosity and creativity. Intuitively choose a show and click on the arrow to play. That’s a first step to figure out what wants to happen in your life, how to learn from it, and then take action. Just click and listen. The shows are organized in five groups:

Dr. Christiane NorthrupInterview with Dr. Christiane Northrup

Andrew CohenAndrew Cohen – Evolutionary Enlightenment

Bernie SiegelBernie Siegel – Love, Medicine and Miracles

Parents And Educators:

Renaye Thornborrow: Developing Wisdom in Your Children and YourSelf. Founder of Adventures in Wisdom,

Sara Wiseman: How to raise intuitive, spiritually gifted children. Author, award winning singer/songwriter, and mother of 4.

Ruth Wilson: Are Learning Differences Becoming the Norm? Board Certified Educational Therapist and co-founder of Seattle based, Brightmont Academy.

Nicky VanValkenburgh: Brain Training Program for ADHD. Author of Train Your Brain in, Transform Your Life, Conquer Your ADHD in 60 Days, without Ritalin.

Solo Shows Featuring Joyce Anderson:

What Are Your Blocks To Intuition? Working With the “Conred’ Archetype.

Recap Of The First 13 Shows And Their Wisdom.

Final Show: Why Conversations with YourSelf, What Should You do for the New Year, and Teenagers.

Experts And Mentors:

Alan Seale: Create a World that Works. Leadership and Transformation Coach, award winning author, Founder and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence.

Dr. Christine Page: Do You Recognize YourSelf as Eternal? Mystical Physician and Author discusses her latest book, 2012 and the Galactic Center, Return of the Great Mother.

Gloria D. Karpinski: Holistic Counselor, Spiritual Director, Teacher, Author and Mentor.
Synthesis, Combining Every Aspect of Ourselves to Do What We Are Called To Do.

Jenn Lim: Profitable Business in a Culture of Happiness. CEO and Chief Happiness Officer and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) co-created a company, Delivering Happiness, to inspire happiness in work, community and everyday life.

Andrea Mathews: The Law of Attraction, Why Isn’t It Working for You? LPC, Author, Radio Host, Contributor to Psychology Magazine Today, and Teacher.

Melissa Wadsworth: Moving from Blocked to Brilliance. Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Coach.

Dr. Gloria Burgess: Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside. Speaker, Author, Educator, Scholar and World Community Leader.

Dee Wallace:
Hollywood Actress, Healer, Radio Host Tells Her Emotional, Spiritual and Professional Journey.

Ainslie Macleod: Oprah Soul Series Teacher and Your Personal Destiny. Psychic, Author, Teacher.

Lion Goodman: Evocateur, Author and Teacher.
Eliminate Limiting and Negative Beliefs From the Beliefcloset Process.

Joyce Richman: Intuition and Your Career. Executive Coach, Columnist, and TV Personality.

Musicians And Healing:

Tryshe Devney: Your Personal Guide to Healing With Sound. Tryshe was told to get her life in order, no cure for her liver disease or Hepatitis C, then she discovered the healing of sound. Award winning actor/director, recording artist, author, and speaker plus honored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Narayan & Janet: Delicious Blend of Jazz, R&B, World Music and Sanskrit. My favorite spiritual music from a duo that sounds like it belongs in a piano lounge…Yummy!

Jon Arterton: A Tribute to the Flirtations, a pro-LGBT A Capella Musical Group. A founder, musical arranger, and performer. This group’s message was acceptance and a call to arms in the battle against AIDS.

Scuffletown: Marc Carraway & John Whitlow, Leadership Development & Music. A school principal and a leadership development consultant starting playing together and came up with this foot stomping’ music. They took this process and weaved it in to developing effective leaders.

Gina Sala: A Most Beautiful Voice. Vocalist, composer, music director, sound healer, teacher and featured in Cirque du Soleil’s “O”.
Spiritual Growth & Empowerment through Singing.