Self-Thrilled Sessions

Goodbye Self-critical, Hello Self-thrilled Sessions

Joyce’s Self-thrilled Sessions work with 4 areas:  Worry, Comparing, Discovering your unique talent, and especially engaging your Intuition. The same work she offers in classes, she scales to meet your issues one-on-one.  But the main teacher is your intuition. Intuition knows your unique self, gifts and wishes and can match them to ideas and relations.  Her gift is helping you engage a stronger connection with your ‘in-house GPS’, your intuition, for creative ideas, answers and steps to take in your life.

  • Disempower worry; learn the benefits and use of the unknown.
  • Stop constant comparing of others.  Discover the unique gifts in you
  • Go to the Learning.  Life is not supposed to be fair, it’s educational.  How to identify the learning, and not be discouraged by the failure.
  • Change Instant Gratification to Patience, and see why that allows creativity and clarity and understanding of the big picture of your life.

Contact Joyce to schedule time with her and get started to being self-thrilled.