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Unique Skills Parenting: Parenting begins with our silent beliefs before our words even come out. Learn how to work with your child’s unique skills and interests and take joy in who they already are and let the worry go.

After many years of trying to help my child with learning differences, we experienced the pains of what didn’t work. Then, he helped me learn what did. I had to do my own inner work for his benefit. I developed Unique Skills Parenting.

Unique Skills Parenting© is not what we do for them, but how we are with them. This series will not focus on your child, but on you as a role model to find your peace of mind, and in turn will help your child.

Unique Skills Parenting© will help you to disempower worry, learn useful action, and get some Relief!

Below is the breakdown of what you will practice with the camaraderie of other parents.

What should I do next? Have I done enough? Learn to find the answers in your intuitive wisdom. It’s not what you do next, but what you allow, what wants to happen next. Learn how to hear that.

In this Unique Skills Parenting© class you will identify your unique skills and passions so you can teach your child to do the same. No matter what challenges your child faces, they are born with a unique core to get them through, and as parents we are here to help them develop that.

Can you identify your unique talent for yourself? They learn by our role modeling, not by what we preach. Let’s show them how.

Contact Joyce to schedule a class, 6 participants minimum.

What People Say About Unique Skills Parenting

Joyce’s advice to parents can span quite the distance from new parents to parents of young adults. Her intuitive advice cuts through the many constructs of what society dictates to what is best for the child. ~ Mary Jo

Sometimes I get so frustrated at him (son) for his limitations and of myself for how I respond. I learned ways how to appreciate my son’s differences, accept them, and get over my feelings of hardship and loss. The topic on comparing was so useful to me. This class helped me learn to take a step back, a deep breath and just be silent. This was such a valuable experience, and I find myself thinking of little tidbits form class every day. I learned way of being a happier person. ~ Patricia

I learned to get time for myself, live the moment, and my job is to find my child’s unique skills. ~ Liz

“It’s a new way of thinking for me when I get stressed. I see the light of the way out. I learned what makes us cry can turn out to be treasure. It is a joyful experience to go through this parenting process with Joyce.” ~ Qi-Lou

“that my job is to find my baby’s unique skills, find time for myself and live in the moment. I feel great after the classes. Everything was a benefit for me.” ~ Maria

“Live the present and let things go their way, not comparing my child to other, to my expectations. I liked the content and format. Listening to others stories was very helpful, having others perspectives and sharing the pain helped with healing and acceptance.” ~ Diana

“I learned ways to become a happier person and appreciate my son’s differences…a better parent for his disability.” ~ Cornelia

I really enjoyed the series, very upbeat and therapeutic…to be able to role model emotionally for my son.” ~ Megan

Joyce’s advice to parents can span quite the distance from new parents to parents of young adults. Her intuitive advice cuts through the many constructs of what society dictate to what is best for your child.” ~ M.S.