Working With Archetypes

Archetypes, Our Interior Characters

By: Joyce Anderson, Conversations with YourSelf
Drawings by:  Liz Gill Neilson

Definition of an archetype:  a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, and image universally present in individual psyches.  They are interesting characters we all share.  Archetypes can help to lighten up a situation, help with humor and safe distance to understand what’s going on.   Usually, we first see them in others before we see them in ourselves.   For example, I know a woman who uses Conred way too much!   She in turn pushes my Conred button.  Being aware of this, I can switch to Tellaga to deal with Conred.    To reiterate, archetypes are universally present.

Working with these archetypes:

Look at your life in story form.  Can you see the archetypes listed below in your life?  When you read each one:

  • What color pops into your head?  What personal color feels right for you when reading each archetype?  Note that color.  Use it when thinking about the archetypes.  There is energy in color.
  • Look deep into the images below.  You may use them, or allow your imagination to create your own. Their traits are universal, but their images can be as unique as you.  Remember, we are uniquely the same.
  • Continue by listing some of the times and events when these archetypes are obvious in your life.  Call them by name and note only your feelings.
  • Then go back and write next to the feelings, what was the teaching that archetype was there to help you learn.   For example, if you felt empty, what do you think that archetype was there to teach you?
  • No blaming others allowed.    When something deeply annoys you about someone else, that something is deep in you.  Archetypes help push that button.  What is that archetype’s message for you?
  • Play with them.  Let them be fun and humorous for you.  Humor allows for objectivity and greater viewing for making effective choices.

Archetype personalities signal you in many ways such as: energetic or lazy, creative or stagnant, friendly or lonely, active or procrastinating, victim or controlling, offering or hoarding your skills, feeling large or small, gray or colorful, etc.  Use these archetypes for quick identification of what’s going on.  Listen to them and challenge them.  What is their message to you?  What do you need to learn?  Then turn to your highest intuitive self, your inner GPS, for wisdom on your next step.  In the book, Tellaga says “When stuck, do to the opposite.”




Tellaga is the creative energy that knows how to use your best skills for what wants to happen.  It knows what person, place and idea is a match for the best you.


  • Feels wise and relaxed deep in your core
  • Connects to the bigger picture and knows how you fit in
  • Color-full, feels open and light
  • Creativity, welcomes the ‘new’
  • Face everything, fear nothing
  • Gives steps one at a time
  • Goal:  To evolve individually for the whole.


Zeal is the energy of fascination.  Zeal is the spirit within that knows there is no better or worse; just wonder about learning, giving and connecting.  Thrilled that about being ‘uniquely the same’.


  • Feels effervescent in skin
  • Childlike wonder
  • Moves forward, action filled
  • No limits, can’t wait to explore
  • Excited to use talents
  • Creates with others
  • Goal:  Taking action to engage.

Young Agatha


Agatha is the energy of lovability and vulnerability, born to interact in this dynamic, crazy world.   Vulnerable is the faith to remain open.  Young Agatha plays, says and imagines being anything she wishes.  She loves being herself in the world to daydream with others.


  • Feels grounded and confident
  • Loveable and vulnerable
  • Daydreaming, pretending and believing
  • Playing with friends, singing, dancing, games, sports, crafting, coloring, etc.
  • Goal:  Do what you love, share and play



Y.C. is the energy of bravery and faith.  His blue eyes see we are uniquely the same.  His bravery comes from engaging in his difference for the sake of all.  He sees the importance of each unique life, and its importance to heal the world.


  • Feels strong in body
  • Head believes in guidance from the heart
  • Courage to speak and act not knowing the outcome
  • Brave with originality
  • Goal:  Bravery to make a difference.



Agatha is the energy of passivity, just getting by.    Agatha passes over her importance and her gut instinct.  She is barely 15% of her brilliant full self.  Bottles up her talents, wishes and words and has trouble offering or receiving anything of value.  Agatha puts others before her.


  • Feels controlled, rote, replaceable, dragging
  • Low self-esteem, no zeal
  • ‘Should” runs her life, lives by others demands
  • Complacent , time watcher
  • Bottles up wishes and desires
  • Surface conversations
  • Lifestyle hurts health
  • Goal:  Be passive, don’t really count



Conred is the energy of comparing for self-worth using the past.  He thrives on sucking the colors and originality right out of you with hurtful past episodes. He amplifies hurt and guilt for being you.


  • Feels heavy, closed, gray, sunken heart
  • Dooming future, hates new and different
  • Compares for self-worth
  • Sucks energy from others
  • Uses blame and the past
  • Buries originality
  • Constant brain dialog:  Better than/less than, not enough/too much
  • Goal:  Compare for self-worth, for then there will be none.



These soldiers represent the energy of not belonging.   The soldiers in your head use groups to prove you are ‘not enough’ or ‘better than’ to belong.   Soldiers push you to join groups of ‘same’ that are formed to keep ‘different’ out.  Then you have a sense of special belonging.  Once in this group of two or many, the army of comparing grows.  Your group must win, must be better than.  The truth is we all belong; the soldiers believe only some belong.  The result is war from inside to out.   Are you in a group that’s open to others or closed?


  • Feel judged, longing to be included & understood, on edge
  • Either in or out
  • Need to compare in conversations
  • Depend on others approval
  • Surround yourself with ‘ like’ comparers
  • Must win for proof of superiority
  • Goal:  Either in or out, then war



The energy of hiding.  Think of when you got your first dose of hurt feelings?  Being young, you thought being ‘you’ was the cause.   Out of self-preservation and not knowing any better, a protective energy begins.   You desire something from the world that feels good, since people have hurt.   Addictions are something from the outside that go inside to help you bury your hurt, consistently.  What form of hiding do you use?  What addiction describes your Coates?


  • Feel suffocated, stifled, numb, hands around throat, eyes seem small
  • Form of coats:  food, alcohol, drugs, internet, TV, workaholic, over-involved, etc.
  • Covers voice and desire
  • Hides the talent you love the most
  • Goal:  Safety in hiding, no one can hurt



Sid is the energy of victimhood, giving the responsibility of who you are to others.  When you don’t see yourself as unique for the positive, you give the job of directing your days to a Sid.  Then you don’t have to be brave and responsible for your choices.  Once you identify your Sid, it’s your courage of who you are that can release anyone you have assigned the job of sabotaging your id.


  • Feeling pulled, scheduled, anchored, no choice
  • Find yourself saying, I can’t because of “(insert)
  • Doing only what is expected, can’t step into a new idea
  • Owns abilities you think you don’t
  • Out of your hands, feel incapable
  • Goal:  Give up responsibility for your wishes and talent.